Your Block 1 Jam: Build Your Awareness 

Nutrition focus|30-45 minutes

Simply focus on tracking all food this week to begin to understand the quality and quantity of food you’re putting into your body. During your next meeting, Melissa will highlight what’s going well and quick ‘low hanging fruit’ to modify to make a big impact to help you gain early momentum.

Nutrition action steps

  1. Identify how you will be logging and tracking your food intake.

  2. If you choose to use MyFitnessPal (, share your profile from the app. Instructions can be found HERE.

  3. Take notes on what you think looks great and where you think you can improve.

  4. Learn what a macronutrient is HERE.

  5. Send 4-5 food sources of each macronutrient that you normally and like to eat. Click here for a non-exhaustive list on examples.


mindset focus|45-60 minutes

Begin to develop an awareness with eating and your body’s physical hunger cues. Pay attention to how your body feels by tracking hunger and fullness levels.

Mindset action steps

  1. Implement the hunger awareness scale.

  2. Be prepared to share themes around noticing eating when you are not hungry or eating past fullness.

  3. Complete the following journal exercises:

    1. What do I feel like when I AM hungry (physical body symptoms, emotions)

    2. How full am I when I stop eating?