Your Block 2 Jam: Build Your Emotional Awareness.

nutrition focus|30-45 minutes

Now that we have food logging and tracking down, we are going to learn how to structure your meal plans according to your preferences and lifestyle. We will cover the topics of accuracy (weighing/measuring) food, combinations, meal timing and frequency.

nutrition actions steps

  1. Review the sample meal plans sent over from Melissa. Be sure to pay attention to serving sizes and meal combinations.

  2. Jot down the times you consume each meal, keep in mind the suggested 2-4 hours between meals/snacks.

  3. Read chapters 4-9 in the 50 Days to Your Best Life book.

  4. Write down 3 nutrition wins and 3 nutrition bumps from the week.

Mindset focus|45-60 minutes

Continue to deepen your understanding of your emotions around eating.  Start to build an awareness on how you feel before eating, during, and after, and when you choose to eat when you’re not hungry.

Mindset action steps

  1. Freestyle journal about your emotions. There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way. It’s just about getting your feeling on paper.

    1. What are the emotions that are driving me to eat when I’m not hungry?

    2. Why do I continue to eat when I am full?

  2. Complete the ‘Connect to Calm’ exercise daily. PW: breath