Your Block 4 Jam: Calm

Nutrition focus|30-45 minutes

Structure is important but adding in some flexibility keeps the program sustainable. Let’s add some excitement to those meal plans!

nutrition action steps

  1. Learn how to make choices congruent with your goals when dining out and traveling.

  2. It takes calories to digest the food we eat- find out which foods burn the most calories! Read chapter 2 in the 50 Days to Your Best Life book: Thermogenesis.

  3. Glycemic Index: Review pages 102-104.

  4. Write down 3 nutrition wins, bumps and action steps.

mindset focus|45-60 minutes

Stress is an emotion we all face, but we don’t have to let it derail us from our goals. Begin to notice when you are engaging in emotional eating and let’s find new ways to pivot.

mindset action steps

  1. Own your emotions, sit with them and own your behavior: When you feel a negative emotion (stress, sadness) and are looking at food for comfort, sit with this feeling for one minute. Breathe. Allow yourself to feel that feeling without the comfort. After one minute, make your decision . List other options to find comfort (i.e. take a walk, listen to music).

  2. There may be times when you will still turn to food. Journal about those times.

  3. Stress management strategies: Write about your current strategies to manage stress. Are there any others you can begin to incorporate?

  4. List 3 mindset wins, bumps, action steps.