D3 Member Highlight of the Month: Scott Mayer

Scott began working with D3 Personal Trainer Eve in the spring of 2015. His goals included improving his back squat, bench press and cardio endurance.

Today, Scott has surpassed his back squat and bench press goals by over 50lbs for each lift and his recovery times between exercises has drastically improved. We hate to admit it, but he’s even beat the D3 trainers in some of the timed challenges!

How? Because he has been truly dedicated and extremely hard working. Even after moving out of the city to the suburbs, Scott has maintained his 3 day a week training schedule by supplementing with Skype sessions.

We are beyond proud and impressed with how hard he has worked to get where he is today. We are honored to not only call him a client but a good friend.

Speaking of good friends, we have also had the privilege of working with Scott’s mom, Janice and his wife, Leah. Both of who have impressed us with their dedication and hard work.

We look forward to a long relationship with the entire family and are excited to help you all reach new heights.

My physical in the am went so well because of how hard you push me and my cardio and strength has never been better because of working with you.
— Scott M.