weight loss

The D3 Transformational Approach

We bring you an innovative, industry leading approach to transformation and empowerment in all aspects of life. We have partnered up with hundreds of individuals on their weight loss and nutrition journey learning every step of the way. Everyday we strive to grow as individuals and together as a tribe to bring you the most impactful nutrition program. From our experience we found that knowledge and accountability were two potent parts of the equation, but we wanted to create something even more powerful for the greatest amount of impact.

The Unlock

With the D3 transformational approach, we walk with you and artfully show you this process of behavior change to drive real, sustainable transformation with your relationship with food, and with yourself!

 The D3 Empowered You program is a model with proven success that will equip you with:

·       Nutrition knowledge 

·       Self-empowerment 

·       Individualized support for you to reach your goal (we know how to get you there!)

·       Our Mindfulness Roadmap will help you become aware and move past the roadblocks that may have prevented your success in the past

·       Success benchmarks and celebrations

We will empower you with solutions right out of the gate! 

What Sets Our Nutrition Program Apart?

The Diet Doc Difference is partnered and aligned with The Diet Doc, a nutrition, health and wellness company founded by Dr. Joe Klemczewski. For over twenty years our expert staff has been helping clients lose weight permanently by merging the best science with extensive support. The Diet Doc team is comprised of doctors, registered dietitians, nurses, and health and wellness specialists.

It is our goal to help you find your deeper purpose, your “why.” Partner with us and we’ll explore a relationship with food and health that promotes self-care, self-compassion, connection, and an exciting new life!