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Melissa lagrant

Nutrition Consultant, Certified Personal Trainer

Melissa is the founder and CEO of The Diet Doc Difference. Her passion is making an impact in people’s lives by empowering them to tap into their true potential – with artfully crafted programming that integrates mindfulness, nutrition and fitness.

How She Got Here

After spending 8 years as a rehab therapist, Melissa wanted to explore more opportunities to make an impact on people’s lives, so she decided to pursue her passion for strength training and nutrition education. Melissa quickly came to learn that this industry was riddled with misinformation and misguided ‘help’ from fitness ‘enthusiasts’ just wanting to make a quick sale.

Melissa made it her mission to be different. She opened The Diet Doc Difference- where she could create a supportive environment and community as well as develop leaders that shared her mission and truly lead by example. Here she could provide people with the science, education and support to attain their goals.

Despite having all of this, a piece of the puzzle was still missing. People were still not attaining their desired outcomes. Desiring greater impact, compliance and real-life change, her life’s work became bridging the gap between the “knowing” and the “doing.”

Melissa spent time tenaciously learning and studying from the leaders in the mindset and human behavior arenas.  She learned that once people learned how to change their relationship with food and their body they can and would change their life. It was vital this skill was encompassed in the programming; therefore, Melissa created The D3 transformational approach- a guided process of behavior change to drive real, sustainable transformation. She is excited get you on this new, empowering path!


6 years Certified Personal Trainer- American College of Sports Medicine

6 years Licensed Diet Doc Permanent Weight Loss Program Clinician. 

8 years experience in rehab therapy

Masters of Science Degree- Rush University Medical Center

Bachelor of Arts Degree: Movement and Sport Sciences- Purdue University

Precision Nutrition Certified Coach

Life Coaching Certification

personal trainer

eve santiago

Certified Personal Trainer

Eve’s passion for Health, Fitness and Exercise is clear as soon as you meet her. Although it was not always that way. In her early 20s Eve worked in the food service industry and her lifestyle was far from healthy. At the age of 25 Eve took a job working for the local gym as a receptionist. It was then that she quickly realized drinking, smoking 2 packs a day, and living in a haze was not the best lifestyle. She turned her life around in a just few short months while working at that gym. She surrounded herself with knowledgeable people who helped her get healthy and in shape. Within no time Eve was competing and winning bodybuilding shows, fighting and winning amateur boxing matches and finally becoming a certified personal trainer. 
Moving from Ohio to Chicago in 2010 was a scary decision but it was the best decision. This is where Eve’s career as a personal trainer really started thriving and five years later Melissa and Eve gave birth to The Diet Doc Difference.

personal trainer, kettlebell instructor

keith jennings

Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Kettlebell Instructor

Keith is a Chicago based personal trainer specializing in kettlebells, functional strength training, and reality based self defense training.  Keith has spent his life in pursuit of functionality in both fitness training and self defense training, and became an advocate of kettlebells, unconventional workouts, body weight training and other “old school” fitness techniques.  His time as a trainer has convinced him that with proper motivation, knowledge, and training progression, it is possible for everyone to reach their desired fitness goals.

Keith is a Certified Functional Strength Coach, Strong First Kettlebell Certified Instructor, IKFF Kettlebell Coach, and a Combatives instructor. 

"A lifetime in the martial arts and fitness training has taught me that self improvement is a never ending process. When it comes to fitness and weight loss goals, too often people look for a quick fix, or try to find the easiest and quickest path to their desired destination. The path to optimum health and wellness is never easy, but few things worth having are. Focus on the journey, and with dedication not only can your goals be achieved, but they will be a constant reward that impacts every aspect of your life."